Campsites with max. 150 pitches each

Here you meet the hosts

• Små Pladser consists of 27 campsites, all of which have 150 units or less.
• Små Pladser are campsites that emphasize the advantages of being “small” for the modern camping guest.

Små Pladser have few pitches

• These campsites have all been awarded either 2 or 3 stars, meaning they have good standards.
• Caravans, motorhomes and tents of all sizes are welcome. All registered campsites in Denmark have to meet the same requirements regarding pitch size.

Små Pladser – meet your hosts

• The campsites are often driven by a single family, so they are greatly influenced by that family’s own personality and tastes.
• The owners usually greet the guests themselves on arrival – and wish them a pleasant journey when they leave again.

Små Pladser – personal and individual service

• Being constantly present on the campsite, your hosts can react very quickly to the guests’ specific needs – and you will soon discover that the small campsites are very flexible in that regard.

Små Pladser – safety and relaxation for children and adults alike

• Små Pladser offers the peace and tranquillity that so many adults yearn for.
• But Små Pladser also offers the sort of closeness and layout that provides a safe environment, particularly for small children.
• As a result, both children and adults can relax – and you have time to yourself as well as for each other.

Små Pladser – unique nature experiences at hand

• The Små Pladser campsites are all very different in organisation as a result of the different activities on offer at each campsite. But one thing they all have in common is their location in or near the stunningly beautiful Danish countryside.
• Visit Små Pladser campsites and set your motorhome up with a view on a fjord, a lake, the sea or a river – maybe in a beech forest or on a hilltop with a beautiful view over the open country.
• Some of these also offer swimming pools, mini golf, luxury cottages, cafeteria, bike and boat rental, etc.


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